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Many residents commute to work in London, or to the towns of Slough and Reading. Maidenheads industries include: software, plastics, pharmaceuticals, printing, and telecommunications. Although there are attractive residential and green areas in and around Maidenhead , the town centre is what lets maidenhead down the 60s/70s dated look has put many individuals and families off moving to maidenhead.The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead set up the Partnership for the Regeneration of Maidenhead (PRoM) , which in October 2008 launched a comprehensive 20 Year Vision and Action Plan for rejuvenating the town centre. Launch of the plan coincided with confirmation by central government that Maidenhead will be the western terminus of the new Crossrail project. PRoMs plans highlight five key developments which will help shape the town for the future a large new retail triangle at Queen Street/King Street, an upgraded transport interchange, relocation of the football and bowls clubs, linking Kidwells Park into the High Street and restoring the old waterway as an attractive feature and amenity in the town centre.

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This represents an important part of its foreign policy, with Spain often co-ordinating its efforts with its EU partners and taking part in multilateral missions and peacekeeping. There are a few territorial disputes involving Spain, the most publicized of which is its claim to Gibraltar. UN resolutions call on the UK and Spain to reach an agreement over the status of Gibraltar. Trade & Industry Spains main exports are transport equipment and agricultural products. Spains tourist industry is among the largest in the world in 2006 tourism was worth approximately 40 billion Euros or 5% of GDP.

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